Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Devil for Mayor of Georgetown!

Could it get any worse?


  1. Benschop is a Racial Terrorist and he should be placed behind bars as soon as possible before he cause damage to the people of Guyana.
    Benschop, Freddie Kissoon, Dale Andrews and Adam Harris hold their meeting at the Oasis where they are planning all their wicked strategies.
    They are being financed by Glen Lall.
    Benschop is also forming his political Party, The Independent Party to contest teh elections.
    He is planning to use violence if he does not win with an excuse that the elections is rigged.
    The PPP should jail this man and his sidekicks as soon as possible.

  2. I wonder if he has this written on his rear end too???

    This is total atrociousness and self denial.
    Mark Benchop can't come to grips that Guyana doesn't need his intervention, what really does need his attention is his run down foundation of which is based on illegal attributes.

  3. Mark Benschop is a freaking megalomaniac. He's already mayor for Freddie Kisson batty. What else he want?

  4. Benschop has continued from where he left off before being incarcerated, the protests are continuing, the television appearances where violence is being promoted in a very subtle manner. The thing is only God knows what he is protesting about, perhaps he is protesting the fact fact that he will never be able to become the Mayor.

  5. Benshop could ot control a wife. Maria will make a better Mayor. Look how that Nympho is now running a show, while Mark is showing off.

  6. Anger and envy has taken over MB since he spent five years of his life behind bars for being the idiot he is, attempting treason in Guyana?

    Come on MB, the PPP Government is tightly stuck into the ground, you can't over throw them!!!

  7. Benschop plan is to create riots and mayhem in Guyana.If Jagdeo does not put this guy in jail before the elections, it will be the end of the PPP and East Indians in Guyana.
    His Foundation is only a front, it's main purpose is to gather Africa support to cause trouble in Guyana. he vowed to avenge Ronald Waddell's murder.

  8. the mayor driving big vehicle and teking the govenment where he should be cleaning the roads and them gutters and feding he face and living large. with tax payers money shame shame shame