Monday, February 1, 2010

Lusignan resident responds to Freddie Kissoon.

R. Bisnauth: The Freddie Kissoon column dated Wednesday January 27, “An appeal to the East Indians of Lusignan Village”, has raised many eyebrows, especially among residents of Lusignan. It has prompted me to respond.

Mr. Freddie Kissoon, please be informed that we, the residents of Lusignan, on the East Coast Demerara, are not indentured servants and we respect ourselves and also impart not some, but enormous dignity to our character.

However, we the residents of Lusignan are not short-sighted, blind or masochistic, and if we pack our bodies on the Lusignan tarmac on the night of reflection for the victims of the Lusignan massacre, we are not reducing ourselves to robots in the eyes of the PPP politicians; rather it’s about lending our support and comfort for relatives and friends of those victims.

Mr. Kissoon, we, the residents of Lusignan, are not foolish and if we pour out our support for the PPP government which I am of the opinion it deserves, that is none of your business.

Mr. Kissoon, I will not get into the issue of what the Government did or did not do for this country in terms of crime reduction or why the government does not want foreign officers from the UK to be based in Guyana.

Finally, Mr. Kissoon I am appalled that you did not use your column to lend support to the families of those persons that were massacred. Rather you are interested in who hosted the night of reflection.

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