Monday, February 8, 2010

Former PNC/R Parliamentarian had ties to Iranian terrorist-FBI Investigator

An FBI officer has sworn in an affidavit that former PNCR parliamentarian Abdul Kadir, indicted over a conspiracy to blow up the JFK airport in 2007, had links to Iranian Moshen Rabbani who was charged in Argentina for masterminding a deadly attack on a Jewish centre.

Abdul Kadir

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officer, Robert Addonizio made this disclosure in a recent affidavit in a Brooklyn Federal Court in an attempt to convince Judge Dora Irizarry that all evidential material before the court was seized in accordance with the law. The prosecution was forced to make this move after Kadir and his co-accused, Russell Defreitas, a Guyanese with US citizenship who has since claimed to be ‘the brain’ behind the alleged conspiracy, applied to have evidence gathered during the investigation suppressed.

The agent’s affidavit shed light on the local investigation in this case which investigators here had been silent on.

According to Addonizio, in June of 2007 Guyanese lawmen obtained and executed two warrants to search Kadir’s Linden residence and it was during one of the searches that documents establishing a relationship between him and Rabbani were uncovered.

Rabbani-who was a cultural attaché at the Iranian embassy in Argentina in 1994- is being sought for allegedly masterminding the 1994 car-bombing that killed 85 people and injured hundreds more at the Jewish Mutual Association of Argentina (AMIA).

The FBI agent said that Kadir- whose only contact with the US was back in 1996 when he was intransit on his way to and from The Bahamas- is linked to the plot through telephone conversations and surveillance.

The officer argued that the search by the Guyanese lawmen and those in Trinidad, who had examined his luggage after he was arrested in that country on his way to Iran through Venezuela, were all done in accordance with the laws of the two countries.

“Trinidadian law enforcement further advised that it had initially turned over Kadir’s luggage to a third party, but later had obtained and executed a warrant, issued under Trinidadian law, to seize and search the luggage. The luggage contained, among other items, the thumb drive that is referenced in Kadir’s motion to suppress”, the agent deposed.

The FBI agent swore that on or about June 3, 2007 and June 10, 2007 Guyanese law enforcement agents conducted two searches and it was during the first that the documents were found.

He said he was present during the second of the two searches done at the home of Kadir in Linden and it was executed in the presence of his family members and among the items seized were two computer hard drives which were not searched until they were taken to the US.

“Guyanese law enforcement turned over the hard drives and other evidence to JTTF (New York Joint Terrorism Task Force) and FBI agents present in Guyana including myself, and the FBI shipped the evidence to New York. The hard drives were never searched in Guyana. In an abundance of caution, the JTFF sought and obtained a warrant to search the hard drives, issued by United States Magistrate Judge Joan M Azrack of the Eastern District of New York on July 5, 2007”.

He related that the drives were then searched with the assistance of FBI computer forensic experts for documents, video clips, photographs and other relevant files.


  1. The PNC is really all about crime their former member are apart of terrorist gang and has well they supported criminals.........and this is a party who wanna run this country lets just imagine what would really happen if they do.

  2. They should have jailed him already man...this has been prolonging for too long...if found guilty they should just jail him why hesitate. these are the masterminds of the PNC, look how far they going to kill people and destroy what people worked so hard for, PNC reckless vagabonds , the criminals of Guyana...all of them should be in jail further more