Friday, February 5, 2010

To whom shall they turn when the AFC is in bed with the PNC?

Seopaul Singh: The PNCR leader R. Corbin is cited in SN 2/05/10 Corbin accuses AFC of downplaying contact with PNCR as follows, “Corbin added that the policy was formulated even before the AFC existed, while noting that the party has been consistently consulted on matters of common interest. “While the PNCR has held no discussions or meetings with the PPP, the party held several meetings, discussions and consultations with the AFC over the past three years. Mr. Trotman should, therefore, explain to the public whether he considers those meetings between the AFC and the PNCR a secret,” he said. “The PNCR does not classify its meetings with the AFC, or any other political party or stakeholder, as secret.”
Clearly there is the interdependency between PNC and AFC for each to (help) fight the other’s battles (against the PPP). When I wrote earlier that AFC is a decoy for the PNC, one commentator was riled up to accuse me of being enthralled with the racial divide and Political Parties which foster Race voting etc. The facts are now surfacing here in the ‘lovers quarrel’ between Corbin and Trotman.
Let’s see where it goes from here ladies and gentlemen. Would their three years new-found romance end in a botch re-marriage? Remember their’s was already a Legal Separation? So I maintain that if the PNC and PPP come to some form of detente, there would be no place for the AFC. Or is it that the AFC hopes for a wholesale defection from the PNC? This seems the punch line in the joke of the standup comedians. Such would never happen ladies and gentlemen
Now let me hasten to add that the PNC requires the AFC (like it does the other Opposition Parties) as an outsider battle axe to chip away at the PPP support base if it can. The move of former PNCites to AFC has virtually ended. And Mr. R. Corbin has unwittingly confirmed my suspicion that AFC was the PNC decoy and has exposed one of his allies in the not so secret talks they were having since 2006. Sorry Mr. Ramjattan I do think you are sitting very uneasy in your seat right now being a ally of the PNC.
The PPP support base remains solid in spite of the Strike in the Sugar and Bauxite Industries. Furthermore, it will take better cocks than Mike to crow over such a wasting of the PPP support base. To whom shall they turn when the AFC is in bed with the PNC? The likes of AFCites, PR, TK, BS and many initials of other eloquent voices would be silenced sooner rather than later at the double role of the AFC.
Those who get disenchanted with the PNC may go over to the AFC, but this is not guaranteed seeing what is played out in the talks between PNC and AFC. However, in reality there is a strong retreat for the majority of Indians Amerindians and and Afro-Guyanes nowhere else but the PPP. If you cannot beat them you have to join them.
This paradoxically has been fuelled by the terror meted out to Indians everywhere in Guyana. And while the PPP has been accused of all and sundry Human rights violation and extra-judicial killings, let me dare to state most of it was done by the late HD Hoyte’s kith and kin “dogs of war” in and out of the Disciplined Services. As such those were yes! race violence involving one race.
And Mike this is not what I want this is what was/is happening on the ground. Those who get riled up over what I am writing should take a harder look at the scenario.


  1. Both parties have one common enemy the PPP. But Trotman is ashamed to make public, his whisperings to the PNC seeking to remove the Government from Office. You see the AFC is basically comprised of political eunuchs, and they have realized their deficiency so to address this, they have latched onto the PNC wagon, but at the same time hoping to keep it a secret.

  2. This is what politics is all about, parties finding means of arming secrets and demeaning the potential of other parties...just a little more time and the AFC and PNC will show there true colours of deception, misinformation and all they have been hiding in the closet, imagine these two parties who were so close, now have segregated, what a pity!!! It just serves them right...