Wednesday, February 17, 2010

C.N Sharma hospitalized after suffering Viagra related heart complications.

Doctors at the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) performed an angioplasty on Justice For All party leader CN Sharma yesterday after he complained of feeling unwell. He remains a patient at the institute and his condition is being monitored.

Resident interventional cardiologist at CHI, Dr Pratik Soni performed the operation and according to reports, Sharma had a drug-eluting stent inserted into his arteries. The non-surgical procedure lasted just over ten minutes and Sharma was said to be doing well.

Officials at CHI were tight-lipped on the procedure and would only say that a prominent individual was treated at the institute and remained a patient. However, sources close to the broadcaster confirmed that he went into the hospital yesterday after feeling unwell and a decision was subsequently taken to have the procedure done.

Media reports suggests that Sharma’s relatives had weighed the decision to fly him out of the country for the operation, but later settled on the services offered by the local institute which is located in the compound of the Georgetown Public Hospital. There are also reports that Sharma was a frequent user of Viagra which is the most-prescribed oral medicine for erectile dysfunction (ED), and his ailment might be as a result of one of its many side effects.

Sharma’s family when contacted said they would speak publicly today. His procedure yesterday was reportedly the first ever done in the country because he had a second stent inserted.


  1. The voice of the poor and downtrodden in Guyana suffers from a viagra induced heart attack. Guess what the issue here is, Sharma is renowned for exploiting the females whom he rents his apartments to, for sexual favours. Many of them are young as Varsha, his daughter, yet he has no remorse for his actions. I suspect this is Karma

  2. Sharma loves young girls as young as 12 years old. The man should be jailed. What happened to all those rape charges against him?

  3. Woow the second opposition leader experiences a heart attack, and amazing both Sharma and Corbin has faultered to the assistance of the Government!

    Could this be God working???

  4. Well his deeds catching up to him...and to top it off the same government and the ministers he loves to ridicule, is the same local hospital he went to save his pitiful life. this is a nasty big man, he should be jailed for harassing those young girls and the time he spend discriminating against the government, he should take that time learning some basic English because he not up to standards for the advance area on English...what an idiot!!!