Monday, February 1, 2010

AFC's thrust for 'vision' sees its recruitment of local Optometrist!

Dr. Johan Alistair Da Silva

Kaieteur News: Prominent optometrist, Dr. Johan Alistair Da Silva, of Modern Optical Service of Middle Street Georgetown, has officially joined the Alliance For Change.

AFC made a big announcement out of the fact that they successfully recruited Peter Ramsaroop, Tarron Khemraj and now Johan Alistair Da Silva. However, persons are asking: what specific political goodwill and support these individuals, individually, have with the Guyanese voters, orgnizations, societies, etc. that is enough to increase the AFC support from the 8% it received in 2006?

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  1. The AFC is fast becoming a bourgeoisie party in Guyana, a party for the upper class and this does not augur well for a party that want to portray itself as the alternative.