Monday, February 1, 2010

The AFC's bankruptcy of ideas on developmental programmes highlighted by its support for unregulated mining practises.

Stabroek News: AFC leader Raphael Trotman is urging the withdrawal of the proposal for a six-month notice before mining can commence, while saying he is concerned that the government is on a trajectory to stifle both the existing forestry and mining sectors, which could put over 50,000 out of work.

Raphael Trotman

According to Trotman, the government’s action seems to be driven by conditionalities likely imposed by governments in more developed and prosperous nations, who are more concerned about the global environment than about the survival and well-being of the Guyanese worker and his family. The six-month notice period and other recent measures are linked to the government’s pursuit of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and a recent forest protection agreement with Norway.

NOTE: Back in 2009 the AFC said it was all for the climate change remedial measures and subsequently threw its support behind Guyana's LCDS as a result, however, in typical prostitute fashion the AFC has now thrown its support behind unregulated mining practices which effectively undermines the thrust of the LCDS they earlier supported. Folks, there is one word in political lingo for this: OPPORTUNISM!!

The AFC continues to display a bankruptcy of ideas on developmental programmes and apparently seems more contented sitting back like anacondas waiting to make issues out of minority suggestions…

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