Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guyana has come a long way after 40 years of Republicanism

We have once again seen the presentation of yet another record budget with promises of major development works to benefit the Guyanese people. Sometimes people would look at the sums of money being spent on projects and programmes annually and say that there are no visible results since they would expect to see the changes immediately.
The critics would say that the budget holds nothing for us, but where would Guyana be without the investment in public infrastructure? In recent years we have seen massive infrastructural projects across the country, either funded by the Government, private sector or international agencies and institutions. Growing up, many of us would remember the state of our roads, but look at what it is today. Leaving out the highways, communities which once had just mud dams have paved roads that children growing up now do not know what a mud dam is.
Listening to the budget debate in Parliament, we have all heard the huge sums allocated to the various sectors and these will all benefit the Guyanese people.Read more..........

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  1. This day signifies when Guyanese decided what the wanted for themselves as opposed to others decided what is best for them. The colonials who are the principal global narcissists have been responsible for most of the worlds's problems especially those that are race, tribal or land related.