Monday, February 22, 2010

Government commits $258M for El Nino interventions

GOVERNMENT, in continuing efforts to deal with the current El Nino phenomenon, will be injecting $258M more for a range of current interventions as well as the post crisis period.
This announcement was made by President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday when he met with farmers in Region Two

A farmer shares his concerns at the meeting with the Presdent.

(Pomeroon/Supenaam), to discuss the current situation and to listen to their concerns and suggestions.
Speaking at his first meeting at the 8th May Community School in Dartmouth Village on the Essequibo Coast, he acknowledged that farmers are experiencing severe difficulties at this time.
“I just want to assure you that the Government remains cognizant of the difficulties that you are facing, and that the entire apparatus of the Government is focused on bringing as much relief as is humanely possible to our people right across Guyana”, he said.
He observed that the impact of the unique weather condition is severe, and it has taken a toll, not just on crops, but on livestock and even people’s way of life, with some communities having difficulties with drinking water, particularly, in the Amerindian communities in some of the regions.
He assured that ‘there is a full scale effort’ by the Government to bring relief to people, and funds have been dedicated to the efforts which are very costly, such as pumping water or transporting water for long distances.
To this end, he disclosed, “The Minister of Agriculture just brought an additional document to the Cabinet to seek support for intervention in several areas for cash crop farmers and for farmers generally.
He explained that he was informed by Minister of Housing and Water that it could cost as much as $90,000 to transport one load of water into some of these communities.
President Jagdeo noted this is a huge challenge, and pointed out that the intervention also deals with livestock.Read more.....


  1. The government has always has an intervention to any crisis that this country has ever face under this government now they has inject $258M to fight this EL NINO.........the government has it people of this country at heart with every problem they face.

  2. Another effort by our government, always looking out for the well being of the people...these people facing this disaster should be very grateful to our president for this outstanding assistance rendered to them...yet a lot of lip services will be passed by the opposition with there negative conclusions on the government work, but they have never done any thing what so ever...

  3. The earth is not the same anymore. Climate change is producing a greater frequency of disasters around the world. Global warming has often been presented as the culprit. Journalist Nirmal Ghosh noted that “Global warming is going to make other small local environmental issues…seem like peanuts, because it is the big one which is going to come and completely change the face of the Earth.”