Friday, February 12, 2010

Corlette looses court case!

Clement Corlette

A high court action filed on November 3rd, 2009 by Region Four Chairman, Clement Corlette against the Regional Executive Officer, Shafdar Alli was dismissed on February 9, 2010 when the matter was brought before Justice Roxanne George Wiltshire.

The Regional Chairman through Attorney-at-Law Michael Somersall had moved to the Court since he felt that the R.E.O had been disregarding his direct orders and those of the council.
Ali was accused of executing and awarding projects without the knowledge of the Regional Chairman. Corlette's Lawyer filed a writ of Certiorari against the R.E.O. An injunction was also filed preventing the R.E.O from executing or taking any steps to execute projects and awarding contracts without the lawful authority of the chairman.

R.E.O Shafdar Alli denied all the allegations and said he executed his duties in his capacity as Regional Executive Officer as is prescribed by the law.
Justice George-Wiltshire heard arguments from both the defense and plaintiff before dismissing the matter. The court ordered the Regional Chairman to pay the R.E.O $25,000 for damages.


  1. Corlette is a puppet of the opposition, he has even attempted to ban the the state media from covering the Regional meetings while simultaneously allowing the well known crapitol news and Prime news unlimited coverage.

  2. who haven't realize that PNC is of great dictatorship and such a set of communist that exist all over guyana, in my own home town, the NDC ruling my area is of PNC and because of the fact that 35 percent of rates are being paid by PPP supporters and the PNC communities are betting all the benefits.We dont need these set of communist, but rather people;e of distinct thinking

  3. If corlette is the regional chairmam pursuant to the law should he have to approve any contracts that are being awarded or given out. Corlette has the fiducuary duty to the tax payers and so does the REO chairman.The precedent set in this ny but this magistrate will come back to bite the citizens of guyana and hinders checks and balance in govt spending.