Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stabroek News Asst. Editor doing AFC propaganda wuk!

Stabroek News Asst. Editor, Andre Haynes, is busy these days doing AFC propaganda work on various blog forums instead of doing his work at the Stabroek News.
On any given day Haynes spends close to 3 hours on various political commentary forum regurgitating AFC political hash during working ours. Doreen De Caries needs to ensure that she gets value for her money, but then again, the Stabroek News has become an unapologetic AFC mouth-piece with the infiltration of its staff by AFC elements.


  1. Again this is an individual who holds a senior position in the AFC yet sees it fit to steal, yes steal, he is stealing Stabroek news's time to do the AFC's propaganda work, this is exactly how the PNC operated in Office, now the AFC wants to get in office and they are almost doing the exact thing.

  2. What could one expect exactly, these are the ways and work of the oppositions. It is actually everyday the public got hear some sort of corrupt news on these parties ...don’t they realize that they have lost already with all they have been carrying on with, I hope this man be penalize for doing his own thing in the peoples working hour, there nonsense have to be stop

  3. The AFC is just the continuation of the PNC and the members would use their work time to get their propaganda work out there i guess if was somewhere else he would have got fired but it at stabroek news so they don't care if was something to do with the government then it would have been a big issue.

  4. Freddie Kissoon is doing the same at Kaieteur News.
    Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop and Dale Andrews are doing worst than this guy. Please investigate them.