Monday, February 8, 2010

Citizen's security foremost in the Government's mind

-$473M for construction of forensic lab

With the security of its citizens being in the front burner the sum of $473 million has been allocated by the government for the construction of a forensic laboratory which will significantly improve our forensic investigative capacity

The mobility and efficiency if our forces will benefit from an allocation of $544 million for the purchase and maintenance of vehicles including the purchase of one water cannon and one mobile police station.. In addition, over $256 million will be extended to train our forces including the training of trainers in the police force in areas of investigation and detection of crime, information management, case management and strategic management.

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  1. The improvement of the security sector is one that will BE boosted for the fact that the security sector will be more equip to handle matters more better and with effectiveness.The government has all has the lives of its citizens at the top of their minds.