Thursday, February 4, 2010

“Fear’, the New Shopping Item for the New Opposition

Dr Prem Misir: I want to use this letter to add to and reiterate some previous comments I made on elected dictatorship and by implication ‘fear’, in another context.

Sometimes, I wonder if political wisdom suddenly is the new kid on the block among some unique breed of columnists, editors, and paid letter writers of this country; who seemingly and arrogantly posture themselves as owning and controlling all the solutions to developmental problems here; these would include columnists including the Freddie Kissoon gang and, indeed some other assumed journalists; but on closer introspection, their solutions fail to withstand rigorous testing; their solutions are not grounded in the full breadth of data and information; their solutions are false.

The bottom line is Guyana unhappily bears the misfortune of accommodating a growing false journalism; crooked political writings passing for journalism among some columnists; writings inducing incitement and excitement to the usual suspects’ belligerent behaviors that typify their local pastimes.

These pen pushers peddle a false battle cry and an evil battle hymn today, painting Guyana as an elected dictatorship, and a failed state, and indeed, the ad nauseum allegations of corruption, money laundering, and narcotics connections. But then mine eyes see the new emerging election season upon us, and provides me with instructive insights into the minds of the pen pushers; insights that propel this unique breed of so-called journalists to metamorphose into the new irresponsible new political opposition.

Most recently, we see the use of ‘fear’ as a method to drive the new opposition’s political agenda. This is not novel and it is almost simplistic by all standards. Read more....

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  1. Freddie Kissoon the aimless jackass for a journalist, love to talk about democracy and dictatorship in Guyana, plus he is a political science lecturer at the University of Guyana that just makes it worst to know that he write under these issues and still gets away with his trash , the democracy regime in Guyana has been prevalent and has touched every aspect in Guyana as it was purposed to be under the PPP government, now if this was the case as Freddie stated it, then he would have not been able to write his nonsensical articles that he usually publish in KN...He should actually count him lucky for this because he would have hanged already