Saturday, August 21, 2010

As Guyana's rapid development continues-$400M mall opening at Charity

Essequibo Coast residents will soon be able to shop in style with the opening of a $400M five-storey mall at the Charity market square.



During a recent visit to Charity, the imposing multi-million-dollar facility towered over nearby structures. The finishing touches are being applied, and the mall is expected to be completed and opened for business next month-end.

Proprietor Alfro Alphonso told members of the media that he hopes government regularizes the Charity market area to facilitate the opening, since a number of stalls and vendors are situated in front of the mall.

Alphonso, who is also the founder of Alfro Alphonso and Sons Enterprise which will manage the mall, noted that the mall aims to have everything under one roof. The facility boasts more than five departments that will offer food, furniture, electrical appliances, hardware, entertainment, agricultural and other farming supplies and equipment as well as a document centre and other services.

The entrance will be on the ground floor, a supermarket on the first floor, a hardware department on the second floor, major household electrical appliances on the third floor and furniture on the fourth floor. Entertain-ment will be provided on the fifth floor, which will include a roof garden that will be partly covered. The mall is also expected to have a restaurant as well as a clothing and shoe stores.

Alphonso likens the venture to the Fogarty’s supermarket in Georgetown. He said his structure will provide a similar service to Charity residents. The businessman also said the Essequibo Coast is now developing and there are many business opportunities that persons can invest in.

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