Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lies and misinformation by Benschop and company cause erroneous perceptions

There are some persons who are contending that the government gave $50M to the Indian community to celebrate Arrival Day, and the same amount to the Amerindian community to celebrate Amerindian Heritage Month, but only gave Afro-Guyanese organisations $1.6M.
Culture Minister Frank Anthony disputes this contention and said that his Ministry gave no money to the IAC, except that some material assistance was provided for the events hosted by that organisation, also that, as far as he is aware nowhere that amount was given to Amerindians.
The minister said that the money given to the various groups was augmented by other assistance provided by the Office of the President and regional authorities throughout the country wherever Emancipation celebrations were being held. Some of the facilitating mechanisms government puts in place to ensure successful Emancipation celebrations is making Parliament Buildings available for Libation ceremonies and the National Park for ACDA’s national celebratory festival, as well as performers from the National School of Dance for the cultural programmes.Read more.....

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  1. Why am I not astonished by this? Benschop is a master of lies and strife...these are the same people in this country that promotes racism for their own benefit in the long run... Benshcop is in for rude awakening and it's sooner than he knows it!