Friday, August 27, 2010

PNCR must explain recorded conversation between Basil Williams and Winston Felix.

-conversation is evidence of PNC being in bed with criminals

PPP General Secretary, Donald Ramotar

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Donald Ramotar has fired another salvo at the leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin and his party, saying that the People’s National Congress Reform is now at a state where it is desperately clutching at straws.
As it relates to Corbin’s charges that the Administration is in cahoots with criminals, Ramotar said that the PNCR must explain a damning recorded conversation, purportedly between one of the party’s executives and a former Commissioner of Police.

See transcript of recording here

The PPP General Secretary pointed specifically to a section of the recording where the individual said to be PNCR executive thanked the person believed to be the Top Cop at the time, for allegedly turning away from an issue, but it had reached a stage where the facts were emanating and as such he (Top Cop) could not turn a blind eye anymore.
Ramotar said that implicit in that conversation was the fact that the PNCR leadership was in bed with criminals.
Ramotar stressed that the party must also explain why they never made a pronouncement when eight persons were mercilessly shot to death on the East Bank of Demerara.
On the issue that Corbin raised with regard to Buxton having thriving businesses in the community such as factories, Ramotar said that when the current administration took office in 1992, none of the factories was operable.
He said that it was while the PNC was at the helm that the once thriving factories and businesses failed, and as such, it was the policies of the PNC that caused the village to deteriorate.
Ramotar said that the current administration by its investments nationwide, not just in Buxton, which is causing the livelihood of Guyanese to be significantly improved.
He stated that his party is surprised that political forces are once again trying to blame the PPP and government for the criminal seizure of Buxton following the infamous 2002 jailbreak.

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