Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hamilton Green or Harry Gill, which one Adam?

Kaieteur News has replaced the now defunct 'New Nation' as the mouth-piece of the P.N.C/R.
Often when this claim is made it's usually not supported by anything evidential in nature.
but not on this instance!

KN's Editor-in-chief is the former P.N.C propaganda chief, Adam Harris.
What is not public knowledge though, is the fact that Georgetown Mayor, former Prime Minister and chief P.N.C henchman, Hamilton Green, writes letters that are published in the Kaieteur News under the pseudonym 'Harry Gill'(notice, the initials are both H.G). These letters are written and sent directly to Harris by Green.

It is also interesting to note that in some of his previous letters 'Harry Gill' lashed out at Corbin's leadership as well as the A.F.C's position on coalition with the P.N.C. He's now engaged in a tit-for-tat with Kwame Mc Coy and in the process revealed information that is known only by the Mayor since Mc Coy was once under his employ.

Kaieteur News is often accused of using 'ghost writers' in an effort to put forward positions that suit the agenda of its owner and his business associates, as well as to peddle anti-government nonsense. Hammie's latest actions come as no surprise to some who cite his despicable past and lack of credibility as being behind this thrust for another identity.


  1. HG=Harry Gill+Hamilton Green< Hardheaded Goat. What does he have left? Let's see... The pnc once kicked him out, Jenny left him, his drug dealing friends are all dead, The councillors wants him gone, he sphucked up the city with garbage and created an environmental catostrophy at Mandela Ave, Misappropriated moneys to fund his private jaunt to china and lets not get started on his long list of murders and beatings he committed over the years. Hope the day come soon when he hear the glorious word 'You've been found Guilty'.

  2. Wow...these people are something else...Adam is a real ‘titty-loo’… Hammie got a lot of idle time on his hands to be disguising to write a bundle of shit in the "LIE FO SURE" papers...He is a good Judas to even his fellow clan, imagine that… I really don't know why he doesn’t diligently go do his job and clean this damn place up!

  3. I would like to see Harry Gill eh em Hamilton Green chronicle his version of the events leading to the death of the following persons: Vincent Teekah,Shirley Field-Ridley, Father Bernard Darke, Walter Rodney and the man known as Abrams famous for his criticsm of the PNC on the former GBC programme 'Action Line'. If Hamilton Gill could shed some light on the hastned demise of these persons then those of us fortunate to have avoided his scythe of death would better understand his silly rants these days.