Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jagdeo's Buxton visit not newsworthy for Kaieteur News

Jagdeo visits the once troubled village of Buxton- while this is news for all the local media houses it isn't for Kaieteur News.
Why? Cause there weren't any negatives to be derived form it.


  1. Kaieteur News (Lie-Fo-Sure) is one of those agencies you would term "trashy". All they fit to publish is pure crap! All the Positive stuff that occurs that the people of Guyana should be informed about they seem to lack in the area of delivering…

  2. they finally got the chance to put some truth in their refuse to! they dont want to be proven wrong but by not puting the presidents visit to buxton clearly shows what they are only gonna keep on putting lies in de papers!!