Tuesday, August 10, 2010

State media doing a good job of highlighting turbulence with the AFC & PNC

It appears that the new battle cry for the AFC is that the state media is trying to sow division within the party along racial lines by its rather successful expose' of the internal ramblings of that party. This cry comes without any shred of evidence or not even a single example of such.
As a matter of fact, both the AFC & PNC in their responses have given us indications of existing problems as reported by the state media. And both of these parties are yet to say which stories are incorrect.

All senior members of the AFC to date have repeated this lie in their correspondences to the public and they all are unable to list examples. It is our view that the state media has been doing an excellent job in highlighting the turbulence in the camps of both the PNC and AFC and should continue to do so.

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  1. The two most corrupted Parties are these two (AFC & PNC)... The media only publishes current events and trends... So what have they done to be spoken about highly? Not a damn thing! The AFC & PNC have repeatedly fed the media with acts of corruption, lies, indecisiveness and poor leadership qualities...so why complain about the monster they’ve created? Beats me!!