Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Guyana desperately needs a 5 star hotel

A recent visit to the Pegasus left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Flies flying around the food at Pegasus

The security guard doubling as a cleaner at 11:25 in the morning

Customers need to take time off to kill the occasional fly


  1. These are the things that impacts the country's image. People accustomed to higher standards, will inevitably go elsewhere to get what they are paying for.
    Looks like the Peg has fallen a long way down.Eeeeww!!!! Will the patrons feel comfortable eating there? I guess that denpends on who they are.

  2. The lack of competition allows an operation to run sour like this... In any operation like such, the acting of "double roles" should be a NO-NO...let’s say just in case two guests need both persons (security and janitor) at the same time for the divergent tasks, what will the outcome? Undeniably the introduction of the Marriott Hotel Guyana will place pressure on the local hotels to set and increase their service standards...