Friday, August 20, 2010

Despite all the talk of corruption Guyana gets $2B in U.S aid.

Guyana will benefit from US$13.1 million ($2.6b) in development assistance from the US government for this year, following the inking of an agreement between USAID/Guyana and the Ministry of Finance yesterday.

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh (left) and USAID/Guyana Mission Director Carol Horning shake hands after signing the agreement yesterday.

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and USAID/Guyana Mission Director Carol Horning yesterday signed the amendments to agreements outlining development assistance in the areas of Health, Economic Growth and Governing Justly and Democratically. The simple signing ceremony took place in the boardroom of the Ministry of Finance.

A release issued by USAID said that US$8,319, 281 of this sum will be allocated in the area of Health, US$2 million in the areas for Governing Justly and Democratically and US$2,809,000 for Economic Growth.

The sums allocated to health will be used “towards prevention, treatment, care and support and health system strengthening activities in order to strengthen public health systems, and enhance the civil society and private sector responses to HIV/AIDS”.

The money set aside for “governing justly and democratically” is supposed to be used “for activities in support of the improvement of democratic processes and governance institutions and systems” in the country. Some of this money will be used to support voter education as the country heads into elections, Horning revealed while responding to a question. Although unable to give a specific figure, Horning said too that “outside funds” have been identified to support this initiative.

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  1. It is evident that Guyana is indeed on the rise under the astute leadership and governance of the PPP/C... Those negative ramblings being dispersed into the public domain (internally and externally) of Guyana being corrupted is just one of the many "useless" tactics of the opposition to ultimately bring down the Government...