Thursday, August 5, 2010

Private Sector Commission feels Marriott's international branding will have positive impact on Guyana

THE Private Sector Commission (PSC) is supporting the introduction of the Marriot Hotel brand in Guyana, saying it will be significant to the tourism, airline, service and other sectors of the economy. In a statement yesterday, the group said it has noted concerns in relation to the Marriot Hotel but feels the “impact of additional international branding will have a positive result for the country as customers loyal to their brand will be attracted.”
“It is also expected that the presence of a major international chain will create outward linkages to the international hub utilising the Marriott chain,” the PSC said.
The Marriot Hotel project has been on the cards since 1994 and the PSC support follows criticism of the scheme by the current owner of the Pegasus Hotel and others.
However, the PSC is calling for greater disclosure which will lend to a greater appreciation of the dimension of the government’s involvement in the overall project.
“Appropriate consultation should be ongoing with all stakeholders and…evaluations of all projects are necessary to ensure reasonable return on investment over an acceptable period”, it said.
The PSC said it is committed to the overall economic growth of Guyana.
It also noted the issue of quality of services delivered by local hotels as raised in the media.
In this context, the PSC said this highlights the need for hotels in Guyana to seek international certification for their services for larger operators and the need for a separate set of standards for the smaller hotels and guest houses.
“The PSC would also like to applaud local, foreign and potential investors/operators in the tourism and hospitality industry and to assure these groups of our continued support while we look forward to the continued development of the sector,” it said.
Marriott International Inc. recently announced that it will open its first Marriott branded hotel in Guyana in 2013.


  1. Build the Marriot Hotel. If Best Western or any other recognised chain wants to invest in Guyana because the conditons are favourable, then let them come. No one want to see the security who should be ensuring safety mopping the floor.Even the short time hotels do better than that. Is that the highest standard we can attain? What say you Badal?

  2. The Marriott Hotel Investment in Guyana will be one of the biggest things that have happened to Guyana as it relates to the accommodation sector, in a while. Guyana is well on its way to be on the fore fronts of the developed nations in the world and undeniably this investment would be another stepping stone towards this goal...