Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PNCR encourged Buxton take over by criminals-PPP/C

PPP/C: The People’s Progressive Party is deeply concerned at the vehemence of the opposition’s reaction to President Jagdeo’s visit and meeting in Buxton.

The wild accusations by leading opposition spokespersons have shown clearly that they have no interest in promoting inter-ethnic understanding and unity among all the people of our country.

It has demonstrated that all the talk about power sharing by the opposition parties and personalities are fundamentally insincere. What they are more interested in are deals to promote their personal agendas.

The PPP is also surprised that those same forces are once again trying to blame the PPP and government for the criminal seizure of Buxton after the February 23, 2002 jail breaks.

Anyone vaguely familiar with Guyana’s political scene and those who have been following developments in that period must know that the only Party that could have encouraged such a take over of that village by criminals was the PNCR.

That was the only political party that frequented Buxton in that time. Many of the leaders were actually rubbing shoulders with the criminals who used the village as its base.

Few of those making hysterical noises now said anything of the abuse that many ordinary Buxtonians had to face at the hands of the politically sponsored criminals who took over the village.

Many Buxtonians were gunned down in cold blood, women raped and the burning of homes of persons in the village who dared to utter any word of displeasure, took place amidst the resounding silence of the PNCR and some others in the opposition.

Since the PPP/Civic took office Buxton experienced much gains in the building up of its infrastructure. More roads, schools, health clinics have been made available to the people of that village under this government than during the whole period of PNC rule.

The President in his remarks mentioned how closely the Cabinet have been following developments in Buxton. He also mentioned the on going efforts of the PPP/Civic administration to accelerate Buxton’s village economy which was seriously harmed by the criminal enterprise that was centrally directed.

It is clear that the over whelming welcome that President Jagdeo received is deeply worrying the opposition who are ready to resort to racial appeals to bolster their flagging image and their dwindling support.

The PPP will not be deterred by the outbursts. We will continue to work in every part of Guyana to strengthen the socio-economic conditions of our people. We have always advocated equal rights for all out people and all communities.

We will not be side tracked in our work to build national unity in our country.

We urge all Guyanese to ignore the doomsayers and let us work unitedly to make our country peaceful, prosperous, united and free.


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