Friday, August 13, 2010

Everybody knows the AFC got the bulk of its votes from disenchanted PNC supporters except Gerhard Ramsaroop

Dr Randy Persaud: ONLY a few days ago Gerhard Ramsaroop made a number of basic errors in an article published in Kaieteur News. He has done so again, only this time, some of the errors seem to be deliberate. See his article “The AFC was formed so as…” (K.N. 8.11.10).
Firstly, Mr. Ramsaroop avoids naming the major exponent of ancestral make-up of the AFC voters. I will help him here. Was it not Mr. Freddie Kissoon, who in an infamous article, stated he was ashamed to be an Indian because not enough Indians voted for the AFC.
Mr. Kissoon is ‘weight and scale’ on the AFC so Mr. Ramsaroop is now in a bind. If Gerhard Ramsaroop has not read the ‘ashamed Indian’ article he must do so before he writes again.
My guess is that the AFC does not want to be publicly associated with Mr. Kissoon because of credibility issues. But the AFC must acknowledge that it is Freddie Kissoon who was one of the loudest supporters of this small party. Some might say that Freddie Kissoon is still the chief tout for the AFC. Everyone understands the bind that the AFC is in here, but the party should try to walk a straight line.
Secondly, Mr. Ramsaroop is all over the place with his analysis. As usual, it is all about race, and a good deal of it is patronizing. Loud praises are delivered to one group, while the other group is called ‘traditional supporters’. What Gerhard Ramsaroop is afraid to admit is the fact that the PPP won votes across all regions in Guyana, and across all population groups. I challenge him to show otherwise.

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