Friday, August 13, 2010

Its Friday 13th. TGIF! Teking Garlic Incase Freddie

GT Bluetooth: Bluetoothers does can’t wait fuh Friday fuh seh “TGIF”; Thank God Is Friday. Some does even start rehearsing fuh seh TGIF from Thursday night. But today, some ain’t sehing TGIF even though is Friday. Dem frighten. Is Jason and Freddie day; Friday 13th! De scared “cats” doing all kinds o’ thing to keep de “spirits” out. Some keeping de “spirits” out by using another “spirit”: Mentholated! Another set mek sure dem gat enough “spirit” in dem (XM and El Dorado) suh that de Friday 13th “spirit” can’t enter. People does do different things fuh ward off de “spirit”. Staying home, don’t walk under a ladder, avoid a black cat in yuh path, pray if a glass or de mirror bruk, fasting, “jaray”, sprinkling white and red lavender and sweeping out de house is just some things people do fuh keep de “spirit” out.

Some people superstitious. Dem “spirit” conscious. In both sense. Some does look like “spirit”. In some village, people know who is “Old Haige” and “Churile”. People does mark a white chalk line to stop dem from crossing and put rice fuh dem count to slow dem up. Some gat a special palm broom in de house fuh keep de spirits out. Dem does even put garlic over de door and window and turn de house broom upside down.

De “Old Haiges” and “Churiles” does “fight” back. Dem seh not everybody who walk under ladder when a black cat crossing is people. Dem seh that is “spirit” looking like people just like how not all chalk line is fuh hopscotch and not all rice pun de ground is fuh fowl eat. People seh that “Old Haigues” and “Churiles” don’t give up when dem want somebody fuh suck and frighten. Is like if dem always nagging fuh get what dem want. Here, it gat some real “naggers”.
Suh if yuh see Freddie and he nightmare pals counting rice and stop at a chalk line, be careful. Put yuh garlic “mala” round yuh neck. TGIF! Teking Garlic Incase Freddie! Hmmm!

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