Sunday, August 29, 2010

Henry Jeffrey an oppotunist and political prostitute

Dr Henry Jeffrey

Robert Persaud: BURYING past mistakes with deception and distortion in today’s social environment smacks of political opportunism and a proclivity to historical revisionism of our contemporary political history as is seen in Henry Jeffrey’s missive in the daily newspapers captioned:
“Unitary opposition slate at the next general election is a critical component/The traditional PPP historiography is fundamentally flawed”.

The (mis)representation of our recent history as reflected in the recent letter to the editors could have been an extract from the teaching notes of PNC regime’s ideological school (Kuru Kuru Cooperative College) by its erstwhile Principal, Henry Jeffrey. The motive is classical historical revisionism of Dr Jagan’s/PPP’s role in Guyana’s social and political development.

The line is clear: all pre-independence difficulties and post-independence ruin that visited our people were solely the results of Dr Cheddi Jagan’s and PPP action and policies.

There is much historical evidence, revelations and impartial accounts of what transpired to debunk such contemptuous conclusions. Available in the public domain, the public can today determine who or what engineered the split in the PPP, spawned and nurtured ethnic distrust, calculatedly forced into exile thousands, introduced policies that marginalised and discriminated against sections of the Guyanese public and made Guyana and all Guyanese impoverished.

The political regime and actors responsible for the past decay of our society leading to sad conclusions of the Caribbean Council of Churches and McIntyre Report which warned against the `Haitianisation by the PNC Government’ cannot be exonerated or erased from our history by those prostituting themselves to the political bidders.

This case of historical revisionism is to cultivate a mindset, particularly among the young and the-less-politically-aware individuals the false impressions that all errors in Guyana were the product or by-product of the PPP and Dr Jagan.

Also, there is an accompanying subtle ethnic sub-theme in this mal-analysis of our recent history.

Inexcusable is the glaring lack of recognition or even a hint of the sweeping progress of our society, not only in terms of economic and social development, but the monumental efforts to heal the wounds of our past and modernize the political culture of this nation.

The venomous attack on Dr. Jagan/PPP’s role in our national politics and development pursuits is unforgiveable.

This type of analysis can only emanate from the mind of a bitter, frustrated political-has-been desperately trying to carve out a slot or role in some emerging political construct involving the AFC and company.

This type of discourse is most unhealthy in improving the political structure and culture of our country. For any society to move forward there must be an accurate, honest understanding and full account of its history.

With hindsight, objective political observers can and do suggest more enlightened policies and approaches. This can be useful if we are to ensure that, as a nation, mistakes are not repeated. The PPP continues to be fully committed to a healthy and inspiring political atmosphere if we are to realise the aspirations of all our people and make Guyana more stable and united.

Dr Jagan has laid the foundations. Those who have succeeded him are rolling out an unprecedented socio-economic developmental programme, and nurturing Guyana’s nascent, inclusive political culture.

Henry knows this but his denials remind me of a misquote of Napoleon: “Some men will believe anything to keep you from believing the Bible”. He sadly hopes that readers will believe anything but Dr. Jagan’s/PPP’s continuing legendary positive contribution to our dear land.

I wish Henry all the best in his future political endeavours, but to alert him that his Dr. Jagan/PPP bashing exercise has and cannot help his cause or credibility.

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  1. The PPP made a terrible mistake in naming Henry Jeffrey a government minister in 1992, knowing full well he was a leading PNC ideologue.