Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Ruel! We will not attack you after what you wrote here. In fact we agree with you when you said this:

The problem is that the people posting at Propaganda Press and the people commenting (and sometimes posting) on Guyana Observer News are not producing anything that is as inherently or even primarily noble as samizdat. There is nothing that can be said to be valuable with relation to political dissidence, or even general morality, in the spurious attacks on persons in and out of government. Even if half of what is said on either of those sites concerning the misdeeds of the government and those associated with it is true, that truth is going to be rendered obsolete by the often fantastic, always proof-less, tirades that make up the bulk of the contents of such sites.

The problem with anti-government blogging ‘in’ Guyana today is precisely that it is anti-government, before anything else, as opposed to being pro-truth, pro-freedom, pro-democracy. Proper criticism of any political regime should really be incidental to support for and/or criticism of less transient issues. I would argue that, were the present administration replaced today with the persons behind such blogs, the very issues of freedom of expression, of the state assaulting its citizens, of entrenched interest prevailing over the national good would be perpetuated. How can you claim the moral high ground when commenting on someone’s supposed illness? The only difference between the persons behind sites like Propaganda Press and the current administration is the possession of power.

We are pro-government YES! But not of-government as you guys continuously suggest. C'mon Ruel drop the smart stuff! Where was all the morality talk when you, William Walker, Gino Persaud, Imran Khan, Nazima Ragubhir et al were having a field day on Livinguyana blog?

And just the same way you people claim to be in the know-how of certain too are we!


  1. Isn't this Guy homeless? What's he griping about now? Oh he is seeking relavance, but why now? He probably got word of some giveaways perhaps? Let not his heart be troubled. The President may still bestow upon him some generousity in the form of a cutlass so he can go earn a living.

  2. Sweet. I'm glad we agree on one thing but deniability when it comes to OP direction and funding of this blog is pointless. I would trust that those of you who've interacted with me enough would know that I don't pronounce lightly on any issue. And that I don't scare lightly, particularly by thinly veiled threats.

    Additionally, I don't necessarily disagree with the pro-government thrust of this blog, or even with the fact that it is funded by the Office of the President. What I disagree with is the depths to which you feel you need to go to attack critics of the government on a personal level. State funds supporting propaganda is a given in any government, but it should not degenerate into slander, libel and general mud-slinging.

    Regarding LivingGuyana, I'm not sure how to respond, except perhaps to say that even some of your own bloggers agree that you have long surpassed any questionable content on that blog. You've ended up tarnishing the Presidency more than if you'd remained silent on certain issues because when the proverbial shit inevitably hits the proverbial fan, not only you as individuals are going to be held up to ridicule, but the President himself since the operation falls under the aegis of his office.

    The pseudo-academic that directs the policy of this blog is going to be sheltered by the administration when this whole fiasco falls apart; when it comes to the rest of you, can you really say that this is going to be the case?

    Finally, that's an old picture of me. Some of you have access to my Facebook page, and for the rest, it's open - it might be good, journalistically speaking, if you used a more recent pic.

  3. One nigga denying he work for government..

    One nigga denying where he blogged for..



  4. Ruel no one is trying to scare you. You have enough scary issues in your life already. Among all the things that you and your friends call us, you can add Humanitarians to the list. The reference to cutlass is not a threat to do you physical harm. It's out of genuine concern for your wellbeing that my friends and I decided to humbly petition His Execllency,on your behalf, for some sort of tool. This we would then present to you in the hope that you embark on a new enterprise as we have noted... how shall I say this? YOUR WRITING SUCKS!!!