Friday, August 27, 2010

PPP/C Government not going to accept permanence of divides among Guyanese.

- Luncheon says Government ‘ready to rumble’ in fight against those who want to maintain divides

W.P.A member David Hinds

THE Government has vowed to take the fight to those in the political opposition and other interests bent on maintaining divides among some communities in Guyana.
Reacting sharply to criticism from the main Opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) to President Bharrat Jagdeo’s visit to Buxton last week, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said it is clear that
some are prepared to preserve existing situations.
“The PPP/C Government is not going to accept the permanence of divides among the Guyanese people”, he declared at his weekly post-Cabinet news briefing yesterday.
“To those who would want to rail against our efforts to demolish, remove, undermine these divides, we can say to them `they got a whole lot of railing to do’ because we can promise them that what is happening in the geographic Buxtons of today is being replicated across the length and breadth of this Guyana.”

PNCR leader Robert Corbin

Luncheon said the detractors can expect many, many more opportunities to engage the media, different intellects in this exercise about trying to justify the government in discharging its mandate in moving to address disparities, improve economic possibilities, livelihoods and ultimately to deal with access to opportunities.
“If they want to fight us down on that ground, then we’re ready to rumble and they will have a good fight on their hands”, he said.
Luncheon argued that the average Guyanese is not bemused by this event and said it “has caused many of us to sit down and ponder precisely what would it take to get a greater buy-in as we focus on communities and needs that must be addressed if this country is going to move forward as one.”

W.P.A member Eusi Kwayana

He said the government’s detractors will also have a lot more to say “were they to continue to have that mindset about initiatives of central government akin to the one that led to the President’s presence in Buxton.”
“If they are going to remain in that mindset and they are going to be consumed with that mentality, then I can assure them that they would have lots of other examples and opportunities to exercise their minds in that type of behaviour”, he said.

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