Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Support for a Jagdeo 3rd Term will come from within the AFC-Freddie Kissoon

Freddie Shit-soon: Today, the WPA holds a public forum at its head office in Queenstown to solicit the views of the populace on the shape of coalition politics for the forthcoming national elections. I will be there.
I know I will be in an eager mood to listen to the opposition MPs who will serenade us with their strategies. I will be tempted to ask them to reel off for us their parliamentary achievements, especially Ms. Sheila Holder. She recently defied opposition unity and voted for the report of the Parliamentary Appointments Committee while the PNC boycotted the sessions.
In fact, Ms. Holder voted for the PPP’s nominees. I guess Lincoln Lewis had her in mind when, on, he told his listeners that there may be a surprise coming in that though the anticipation is that the PNC may give the PPP the constitutional change for a Jagdeo third term attempt, it may come from within the AFC itself. Ms. Holder’s recent attitude in Parliament certainly necessitates a response from that party’s leadership.

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