Friday, August 27, 2010

Norway retracts comment on Barama operations

-- Reaffirms support for LCDS

NORWAY’S Ministry of Finance has withdrawn comments that seemed to express concern over operations of the Barama Company Limited (BCL) here and has reaffirmed support for this country’s low carbon development thrust.

Hilde Singsaas, State Secretary in the Norwegian Finance Ministry

“Norway strongly supports and is impressed by the efforts of the Government of Guyana to create a low-carbon and low-deforestation future and remains a committed partner to Guyana in these efforts”, Hilde Singsaas, State Secretary in the Norwegian Finance Ministry said.

Singsaas, in a letter to Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud yesterday, explained that the recommendation to censure applied to BCL’s parent company Samling Global Ltd and its activity in Sarawak, Malaysia.

“The description regarding…Barama’s activities in Guyana primarily relates to events that took place some time ago and as such would seem to reflect criticism of Barama already expressed publicly by Guyanese authorities”, she said.
“The recommendation of the Council on Ethics does not opine on the extent of deforestation, forest degradation or environmental damage in Guyana, nor does it assess the forest policies of the Government of Guyana”, the letter added.

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