Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buxtonians rejected Opposition attempts to protest Jagdeo's visit to the community.

Most villagers in Buxton, East Coast Demerara, rejected moves by activists of Opposition political parties to organise protests against the visit there by President Bharrat Jagdeo last week.

Huge turnout at Buxton during President Jagdeo’s visit last Wednesday

The President on Wednesday visited Buxton where he received a warm welcome from residents who overwhelmingly resisted attempts by Opposition elements to persuade them not to attend the meeting and to protest villagers said.

Some noted that the enthusiastic welcome the President received on his arrival showed that Opposition parties that once regarded Buxton as their stronghold were rebuffed in their bids to mount protests.

Mr. Jagdeo was invited to the village by the committee that organised the commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the founding of Buxton.

He arrived at the school to the sound of African drumming and singing and was escorted by a cultural group in the school compound where there was a larger gathering. Along the path were children, from various schools in the community, with garlands.

Resident Ms. Barbara Thomas Holder, declared, “The President is in the house. Today is a historic day and I feel good.”

As the Head of State made his way into the building, there were loud cheers from Buxtonians.
Observers noted that this kind of reception for the President in Buxton, in the face of the failed attempts to get residents to boycott, would not be of any comfort to those in the Opposition who have long regarded the village as their preserve.

“The opposition parties are losing the influence and clout in Buxton because Buxtonians are fed up and disgusted with their kind of divisive politics”, one analyst said.

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  1. the opposition want to encourage the people of buxton to be ignorant and destructive and want them to believe that the ppp has nothing to offer them.but look on the bright side the turn the opposition who has nothing positive for the people of buxton down,meet with the president and now the community of buxton has move a few step of develop