Friday, August 27, 2010

Freddie vex he name ain’t get call

Freddie Shit-soon

GT Bluetooth: Bluetoothers back at work. Jamzone done. Plenty went fuh see de girls, Chutney stars, Movado and Yo-Yo, ooops…ah always getting that wrong; Ne-Yo. Everybody enjoy themselves. Dem who get catch in de traffic didn’t. Foreigners can’t believe de plenty vehicles here. That was only East Bank! De zone was jam from Berbice to Parika. To avoid Jamzone, some head east and west. Plenty others think de same way. Traffic jam all over.

Dem who avoided Jamzone and get jam in traffic, blue vex. Uncle Freddie more vex than dem. Movado and Ne-Yo (ah get it right, thanks Bheri) mek he vex. He ain’t vex ‘bout Movado songs, rum lyrics and de traffic jam. He blue vex that Ne-Yo ain’t call he name during de concert! E-magine a man crying because another man ain’t call he name! Because he name ain’t get call, de sourpuss blame de guvment. He seh how de guvment bring de singers.

So what happen to DGsell and de plenty other sponsors? Why he ain’t seh dem bring Ne-Yo? Monkey really know which limb fuh jump pun. So what wrong if de Tourism Ministry give professional support? Is not a tourism pageant? De same Freddie does seh guvment don’t do enough. Why Uncle Bharrat and other dignitaries can’t attend? What wrong if Ne-Yo acknowledge de dignitaries in de crowd? If Big Red and X2 perform in de States and Uncle Obama in de crowd dem mustn’t give he “shout-out”? Does that mean Barrack paying fuh dem?

Is de South African guvment paying fuh de upcoming 20/20 championship? No. If Guyana did pay fuh Ne-Yo, then de country rich! It ain’t poor like Freddie sehing everyday. Things not bad as he trying fuh fool people. By de way Uncle Freddie, if yuh want yuh name call, then yuh gat to be at de concert. Yuh can’t just stay home and tek de reporter story and mek it yuh own. De Sugarcake girl song just pop in me head, “Ah stupidy yuh stupidy…”. Anyway, now is not time fuh song. I at wuk. Hmmm!

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