Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Army Major's arrest the results of sound intelligence work

Mrs. Carol-Ann Munroe along with her husband, Major Munroe
and Retired Reservist, Wharton

It was sound intelligence work by the security forces that led to treason charges being laid against 3 persons, one of which is a serving Army major.
The accused, Major Bruce Munroe, his wife Carol-Ann Munroe and former Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, Leonard Wharton were this morning arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Priya Beharry who remanded the trio to custody until January 7 when she will fix a date for the commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry. That inquiry will determine whether there is enough evidence for the trio to face trial by a judge and jury.

Investigations commenced almost two months ago and gained momentum following the capture of Colin Jones who supplied law enforcement officials with vital information. The authorities are in possession of video as well as audio recordings of the accused meeting and conspiring to unleash further terror.


  1. serious attention need to be taken when looking over the evidence against these individuals and also serious security measures should be taken for the protection of the evidence.

  2. it is so good that the law enforcement are uncovering all the evidence and are apprehending all the accomplice of the ministry of health fire.

  3. the guyana police force need to be awarded for the intelligence work that they have being in order to catch these accomplice of the ministry of health fire.

  4. I red in sections of the news that substantial evidence are against these treason accused such as audio recordings and video.....it was good police work that unearth this crime against the state.....I could recall in the 60's a plan of similar nature known as the infamous X-13 PLAN was unearth in congress place Sophia by police...I wonder if there is a connection between the two.........

  5. there should be close attention and security for the trio so as to ensure that the trio has no way of escaping and that the face the jail time that they deserve.

  6. The arrest of these people is really work of intelligence cause Colin Jones have given information for these people and it also show that the police force is working to make this country safe from people like this who would want it to get nowhere..........