Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stabroek & Kaieteur News behind hacking of government websites.

We have learnt through reliable sources that Stabroek & Kaieteur News are behind the recent spate of hacking of government websites in an effort to derail the placing of gov't ads on the e-procure website which has resulted in significant revenue losses for these two businesses.

In recent times websites belonging to Office of the President, Government Information Agency (GINA) and more recently the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) were all hacked by a group calling itself 'Red Spider'. The group was paid US$2500, 3/4 of which was paid by Glen Lall and the rest by Stabroek News. Peter Ramsaroop's Miami based brother facilitated the transaction.

In June of this year the world's leading Internet search engine and web data giant, Google, issued a security advisory urging Internet users not to access the Stabroek News website at The company launched an investigation into the operations of Stabroek News after receiving complaints from a U.S Internet Spyware watchdog and dozens of users in the United States who said that Stabroek News had been installing spyware and malicious software onto the computers of visitors to their website.

As a result, Google conducted an automatic security investigation and malicious software test of Stabroek News’ website and found that it was indeed installing malicious content on visitors’ computers.


  1. The things these 2 dailies do for ads is a love now they try hacking the website why they could have just leave it like that but no but i glad that they got caught though cause they would have tried to blame some one for their doing...........

  2. These people are desperate attention seekers and propagators of deadly lies... It is not surprising though due to their repetition for non-credibility and lack of media ethics that is being portrayed over and over again. Only thing left to do is to charge them individually with a huge fine and suspend their license for a good 3 years or so, maybe then they will change for the better not only for themselves as a unit but also for the wellbeing of the citizens of Guyana near and far especially in the global eyes.