Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freddie Kissoon justifies violent anti-government struggle of which Indo-Guyanese are often the victims.

Freddie Kissoon

In his Kaieteur News column today titled “I am not losing it, Khemraj!”, as a response to Khemraj Ramjattan's plea for non violent anti-government struggle in Guyana, columnist Freddie Kissoon wrote:

"It is outside the scope of this short viewpoint to theorize on the role of violence in liberation and the struggle for justice. But the positive role of violence in the history of struggle has been adequately documented over the past two thousand years.
Violence has to be contextualized. No philosophical treatise on justice would denounce the use of violence in the endeavour to free people from bondage."

And i'm sure we all know which ethnic group in Guyana has been the target of political violence during these "liberation struggles". Just flash your minds back at Lusignan and Bartica massacres.


  1. For the first time im actually seeing Freddie making some sense with this article where he is right that everytime there is a political struggle the violence that the opposition comes with that the indo-guyanese are the ones that is being hurt or the victim

  2. This man is definitely mad or really losing it how could you call for a violent political struggle this shows that he is one who would like to see this country divided with this gesture.......

  3. You see why all these things happen to him for the thoughts that he put out there to bring fight to a country when in the end the indo guyanese are the ones being hurt we are one Freddie why we should bring violent struggle..........

  4. You know that if this do happen something should really happen to him alone and them he might feel how other felt over the past year when it happened........

  5. Freddie is associated with mark benschop it with all the mark is currently involve with i'm not surprise that Freddie would see violence as the rite way for Guyanese who think that they are in bondage.

  6. i taught Freddie cry is for a better Guyana since he claim that Guyana is in the gutter,but how is violence going to make Guyana a better place and how will this kind of way of acting solve guyana problems.