Saturday, December 4, 2010

Despite Global financial crisis public servants to receive 5% pay increase.

The Government of Guyana yesterday approved a five percent across the board salary increase for all public servants and members of the disciplined services with effect from
January 1, 2010. The five percent increase will also be paid to all Government pensioners.
Teachers, who were previously paid a five percent increase from January 2010, in accordance with their 2006-2010 multiyear agreement, will be paid an additional one
percent in lieu of the performance incentive contemplated by that agreement. That agreement is now in its final year of implementation.
This decision by Government is taken against the background of a year in which countries across the Caribbean and beyond have been confronting severe fiscal challenges.
These challenges have resulted in significant job losses in many jurisdictions, wage freezes, and even voluntary wage cuts to save jobs.
In Guyana, the Government has continued to implement prudent macroeconomic policies aimed at protecting the stability of the economy, and ensuring that worker interests
are protected.
Instructions are being issued to the relevant officials in the ministries to ensure that steps are taken to process the payout as soon as possible.


  1. government rewarding the public servants for the greats works that they have done over the year from January 1,2011 for the rest of the years to come.

  2. government is making the public servants please and giving them the encouragement to do their work and make guyana better.

  3. Its good to see that even though the world is going through a crisis the Guyana govt still looks and finds way and means to help the public servants.

  4. the fact that the government is providing the public servants with the 5% is indeed an improvement despite the financial challenges they face. its also motivates these workers to remain interested in their jobs.

  5. Hats off to President Jagdeo and team for pulling off such a incentive in light of the Global Financial Crisis. It takes great astute leadership qualities and true vision along with wisdom to accomplish such measures under the latter circumstance. Also to note, even though we aim at Sustainability of our environment, in the long run Economic Sustainability is significantly important in the preservation and maintenance of our livelihoods.