Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wikileaks cables links AFC's Ramjattan, Trotman to drug dealers on US watch list.

The US embassy in Georgetown, in November 2009 reported it was convinced that the AFC leaders Khemraj Ramjattan and Raphael Trotman were associated with serious drug traffickers with links to Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico.

In the diplomatic cable titled "Nov 12, 2009 Embassy Georgetown 100 Young and Duke Streets Kingston, Georgetown, S...VRVB, CCDT' reference ID: 09GEORGETOWN1310 and created on 2001-11-12 at 13:00:00 hrs, political affairs officer John O'Shers wrote "Messrs Ramjattan and Trotman were seen in Brazilian Clubs with persons suspected of being involved in the drug trade and are also on the US watch list, on about five occasions". The cable said it is highly unlikely that the AFC leaders were innocent to the friendship with these drug traffickers since Ramjatan arranged for two of their allies in Barbados to be represented legally on serious drug charges.

The cable noted that one of the drug traffickers whom Ramjattan engages frequently has been involved in drug deals worth £100m and Mr O'Shers also noted allegations which suggested that the AFC received campaign funds for the 2006 elections from people with links to the drug trade. O'Shers made reference to an unnamed source which indicated that Trotman had given advice to a drug -running gang on how to sabotage scanners at the CJIA.


  1. the say that whats in the dark comes to light and the wiki leaks show that the afc have more drugs distributed than just the pepper sauce drugs.

  2. this explains the steady back and forth running to the united state that the afc members are doing beside complaining about the president jadgeo.

  3. the afc is fighting down the ppp and are using all kind of tactic to get the ppp out of power so the they might get that chance to run this country and be able to expand there drugs business without any hassle

  4. this is the reason why the afc member are having constant problem and also why member are leaving constantly the business is not progressing and the investors are not seeing there profits