Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kaieteur News owner Glen lall beaten by employee.

-Gary Eleazer gives his boss a sound thrashing

Glen Lall

Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall was the recipient of a sound beating at the hands of Gary Eleazer ,a reporter under his employ, at Kaieteur News' Christmas party last night. We have learnt that the fight was preceded by an argument between the two which escalated after Lall became abusive and even hurled racist remarks at Eleazar.

Eleazer responded by repeatedly punching a drunken Gall Lall and had to be restrained by other staff members. Lall was left with several lacerations on various parts of his body as well as a swollen lip and he has ordered Eleazar not to return to Kaieteur News.


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  2. the kn news boss and main writer are one of a kind it seem like everywhere that they are present there will be an altercation with the being involve.

  3. this article is very misleading to say the least..nothing of the sort has taken place

  4. well gary gaffa be getin some sort a sponce fa deal wit he boss like dat.. it seems real fishy to me..but anyway i kno dat he gon end up right back at kn...regardless wat lall says!!

  5. EH EH glen get licks......HAHA it good for he cause he always spreading a set of lies about people i know you not gon hear nun about this