Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Government forced to clean Hammie's mess AGAIN!

GOVERNMENT has once again stepped in to assist the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown in dealing with the issues surrounding the Mandela landfill site in Le Repentir Cemetery.
More heavy duty equipment will be available on site today, courtesy of the government, so that the build up in garbage can be controlled at the site. After the equipment is placed on site, a group of persons from the M&CC will be mandated by the Local Government Ministry to overlook the work there.

Ministers Kellawan Lall and Robeson Benn at the dump site yesterday

President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday morning requested the Ministries of Local Government and Regional Development and Public Works to assist the M&CC and this resulted in the respective ministers paying a visit to the over-used landfill site.
“The president asked us to fix the problem and we will,” Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall told reporters at the site yesterday, adding the reason for the visit was to obtain a first hand look at the conditions existing there.
Both ministers heaped a significant amount of criticism upon the City Council and stressed that the problem is not necessarily a lack of resources at the municipality, but a proper management system. Minister Lall added that government’s advice, admonitions and requests have not been followed by the council.

The road leading to the dump site in the cemetery

Minister Lall said he cannot keep up with the day to day management of the site and pointed out that the Council has direct responsibility for the operations there through its Solid Waste Management Department.
“We’re here to give a helping hand to the M&CC. This is something we have been looking at constantly,” Minister Lall stated.
He observed that the present garbage contractor does not have the capacity to remove the garbage to the pit, hence the present piling up, and moving towards the roadway in the cemetery.
Meanwhile, Minister Benn advised that no one person should be allowed to create a situation that would develop into a blockage on a public roadway.
He said he is calling on the Guyana Police Force and the other relevant authorities to ensure that this does not happen again. Such behaviour interrupts traffic, the minister pointed out, adding that the professional attention seekers in society should be ignored.


  1. The M&CC have poor management skills cause time and time before i have seen the govt step in to help them with matter which could be easy manage by the mayor.......smh

  2. The govt is the M&CC black n shining armor cause they are always there to help them out of the hell hole that they always put them self in when well the M&CC take things and be able to work with out the help of the govt

  3. Hammie has guyana in the same state that he has his surrounding and as usual the government has to step in and clean up the mess.

  4. the government has rescue the m&cc many times before and here once again the government has to step in as hero of the day and clean up the mess that hammie has cause.

  5. Smh.....don't know when will the mayor focus on his job if he had the manageable skills the govt wouldn't have to come to their rescue