Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We hope Kaieteur News stop publishing lies in 2011

-Prison Service refutes Kaieteur News report of prisoner dying in cell

The administration of the Guyana Prison Service completely refutes the Kaieteur News’ article “Forgotten Prisoner dies in cell” dated December 28, 2010.
“The administration irrefutably states that the prison has no recorded death of any inmate during the period stated nor any prisoner by the name of Barnes at the Georgetown Prison,” a statement from the Prison Service said last evening.
“The administration is deeply concerned with the continuous flow of mis-information from the Kaieteur News in relation to operations of the Georgetown Prison that has no merit. A number of these articles are mischievous in nature and contribute to disquietude in the prison environment, tarnishes the professional image of the Guyana Prison Service, and de-motivates the hard working staff of the Prison Service,” the statement continued.
“The Christmas season was quiet throughout the five locations and void of any major incidents. Prisoners were served with their traditional Christmas meals, played games and viewed the television as a part of their relaxation.
“The Prison administration wishes to remind the management of Kaieteur News that such irresponsible reporting can impact on the security of the prisons and can have disastrous consequences to the society at large. It is expected that an apology be made,” the statement concluded.


  1. there should be a law against misleading or misrepresenting and malicious reports that kn news continue to display on a regular basis.

  2. kn news will put public servant in trouble with the continue misleading reports that the display daily,just a few weeks back it was the freddie situation that almost cost the some municipal workers there jobs now they made a misleading reports on the camp street prison that could cause ciaos in the prison.

  3. they say once a liar always a liar so i guess that the people of guyana will have to hope and pray that the kn news will actually start making reports and publish news that actually have truth in the story that they are publishing.

  4. Smh......Once KN has put another misleading story out into the public ,now the year is finish don't they think the should start putting the truth out to the public cause the truth comes out after sometime.....

  5. I think the truth is over truth for KN to publish so they prefer to give the public a different sense to what happening in society by misleading them with their stories

  6. it is the last day of the year and kn news and Stabroek news paper have an article about a robbery that occur on wednesday night,but the two daily news have two different amount of money that the victims claims that they were rob.the kn news have the bandits took $4M and stabroek have $5M.the new year doeant look to promising for us to get the truth from kn news.