Thursday, December 16, 2010

US Embassy Officials finger Mark Benschop in Joel Fraser's murder-Wikileaks Cables

In one of the Wikileaks cables dated and titled "Dec 15, 2009 Embassy Georgetown 100 Young and Duke Streets Kingston, Georgetown, G… OEXC, OIIP, CVIS, KPAO, GY" with a Reference ID: 09GEORGETOWN1007 and created on 2009-12-15 at 18:06:00 hrs, a US Embassy official reports of Mark Benschop's involvement in the death of actor Joel Fraser who was found with his throat slashed on the Georgetown Seawalls on November 25th of that year. The official also was concerned that Benschop subsequently left Guyana for the U.S and requested FBI surveillance for Benschop while in that country.
Benschop was also labeled an antagonist and threat to local security by the official.

At the time Fraser's body was found he was wearing only his underpants and a t-shirt. Valuables, which he had in his possession, including a laptop computer and production material for the premiere of the Mori J’von Comedy Jam, were missing. Reports back then indicated that Fraser was having a relationship with Benschop's ex-wife up until his death. He also confided in his close friends that he had received numerous death threats by an unknown caller on several occasions.


  1. i like how the wiki leak is bring to light evidence against the opposition and the an-ti government activist mark benschop,lets see what he has to say about this and how he will address this issue.

  2. well well it never seem to amuse me when mark benschop is being fingered in these criminal cases.

  3. it seems like just before he murder Joel Fraser mark commit what he experience on his victim before killing him and leaving his body to be discover.

  4. who is joel fraser?