Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Global Human Order Resolution accepted at U.N. General Assembly

Dr Cheddi Jagan

The 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly has done justice to the late Guyana President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan‘s call for a New Global Human Order, when, on December 10, it unanimously approved a resolution in support of such a noble concept. This welcome resolution, “The role of the United Nations in promoting a New Global Human Order” was, of course, initiated by Guyana and co-sponsored by 54 countries.
It will be recalled that this was Dr. Jagan’s passionate, untiring, and ceaseless appeal to world leaders at every possible forum for a change in the conduct of international relations that would deal effectively with the increasing problems of social inequality, poverty , hunger, social insecurity, and had been discussed prior, at the UN General Assembly via approved resolutions in 2000,2002 and 2007.
Current United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, highlighted the relation of the New Global Human Order to key UN initiatives in his report on the implementation of the 2007 Resolution.
In this report, the Secretary General made the following observations:
:That the proposal for a New Global Human Order, which had been first introduced by the Guyana Government at the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen, in 1995, and had since been supported at many international fora, inclusive of CARICOM, the Non-aligned Movement, the South Summit, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, and the Group of 77, is intended to further multilateral approaches to global problems via adopting a holistic framework that will focus on the integration of the economic, environmental, social, cultural and political aspects of development, in a multidimensional manner.
: Further, that many of the ideas enclosed in this concept are found in the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action adopted at the World Summit for Social Development, and establishes a consensus that places people at the centre of sustainable development, and promotes productive employment.

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