Friday, December 10, 2010

Cocaine Nigel & his Wife are part of Bramma's cocaine family.

Nigel Hughes & his wife doing work for Drug Barons

Cocaine Nigel is a two timing cocaine Lawyer. He failed recently in several attempts to do his cocaine boss' bidding. He is now providing his services to C.N "the rapist" Sharma. It has to be explained that local drug lord Clayton 'Redman/Clay' Hutson is the under boss of Bramanad 'Bramma' Nandalall.

Clayton Hutson & Euclides Erian Da Silva

Bramma is also cocaine Nigel's boss. Nigel's wife, AFC executive member, Cathy Hughes is pictured above receiving a donation from Bramma's front man and brother, Shiv Nandalall, so it is evident that the cocaine money is circulating in the family.
Extradited Brazilian drug fugitive, Euclides Erian Da Silva or Euclin as he is known in the drug world, was Clay's under boss and also his Nephew-in-law. Guess who was his Lawyer? Cocaine Nigel!

During their search for Euclin the police found Clay with an unlicensed firearm and a bogus firearm license. He was subsequently arrested and charged. Guess who was his Lawyer? Cocaine Nigel!

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