Friday, December 10, 2010

Gerhard Ramsaroop leaves AFC

-party thrown into further turmoil

Gerhard Ramsaroop

The AFC is plunged into further turmoil after the exit of another of its high profile executive members. We have learnt from sources within the party that Gerhard Ramsaroop has decided against further participation in the party's leadership after a disagreement with Raphael Trotman. In an effort to provide damage control the party will say that he has given up his political aspirations in order to concentrate on several business ventures inherited from his father.

Observers have pointed out that as the AFC returns to the PNC fold under Trotman's guidance many more Indo-Guyanese executive members will be forced out.


  1. This is patently untrue - I have no disagreement with Raphael. That I am focusing more on my business is the only truth.

  2. @gerhard there must be some thing that you are not mentioning in your defense.suddenly after all this time you just up and decided to focus more on your business.there must be a problem that bring about such change in heart for the party so i will go with problem between you and trotman until you can prove other wise.

  3. How about the fact that my dad not too long ago died, and that I am having difficulty managing the recently inherited estate? Before then I was employed by a company, which gives you more defined hours and limited responsibilities.