Saturday, December 4, 2010

Glen Lall uses his paper to stifle freedom of expression and target his opponents.

Kaieteur News front page

On one hand the Kaieteur News criticizes the government for not giving it ads citing victimization and the stifling of freedom of expression yet they do the same by refusing to carry businessman Eddie Boyer's ads.
Glen Lall uses his paper as a political weapon and a weapon against other businessmen that he has a grouse with.

An example of Kaieteur News wickedness could be gleaned from their coverage of Kissoon's assault of the National Hardware store proprietor. The story begun with the following words:

"According to reports, Boyer, a close associate of President Bharat Jagdeo ,"

Now what does Boyer's relation to Jagdeo have to do with Kissoon's assault on the businessman?
In a similar manner if the Chronicle was reporting on a drug dealer caught in the act and the story read as follows:

"the drug accused, 56 year old John Public, a close friend of Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall"

All hell would've broken loose.


  1. the kn news is based its new mainly on reports lashing out at the government. but not that of the government delivering to the people and visiting with the people and listening to there concerns.

  2. This is so true that they only look to carry what they tend should be cause some sort of controversy within the country and when they are punished they tend to cry and beg but the should clean up their act together

  3. KN needs to focus on what is right and stop attacking the government for every single thing that happens in the country..

  4. Lall and team at KN needs a life seriously. If the Government doesn't shit they can't eat! No matter what or how good the deed of the PPP/C Government you could never find a good report on it in this paper... I for one don’t waste my precious dollar on a "Lie Fo Sure" (Kaieteur)