Friday, December 3, 2010

Freddie Kissoon assaults businessman after caught shoplifting.

-Glen Lall contacts senior police officer on his pay roll and false allegation made against store owner

Freddie Kissoon

Convicted book thief and University of Guyana lecturer Freddie Kissoon is in the news again and on this occasion he assaulted proprietor of National Hardware, Eddie Boyer during a confrontation the two had after a store clerk saw Kissoon removing an item off the shelf and placing it in his pocket.
When challenged Kissoon became abusive and threatened Boyer as well as the clerk. He then pushed Boyer and was restrained by a security guard and a few of the store's customers.
Kissoon left and returned a while later with his boss and owner of Kaieteur News, Glen Lall.
The two then proceeded to hurl all sorts of insults at the proprietor of the business entity and it was at this point that the police were called in. Lall was heard loudly proclaiming that he will get his boys "f**k up Boyer".

Glen Lall then contacted a senior police official reportedly on his pay roll and Kissoon was told to visit the Ruimveldt police station where a false allegation was made against Boyer. The businessman was subsequently invited to the station and placed on self bail. Kissoon is no stranger to confrontations as earlier this year he confronted a man in the parking lot of Nigel's Supermarket and was doused with feces as a result.


  1. freddie is a nuisance to people that support the current ruling government and president jadgeo by constantly confronting these people where ever he see them.

  2. this man has the nerve to attack people because of there political status,someone need to put a stop to his nonsense.

  3. it seems like freddy desperate for a story these days so he picking fights with people but one day he gon pick it with the wrong person...

  4. Lall is a big fraud and worst yet Freddie is a greasy homeless puppy that just "deh bout" the place looking for any and every opportunity to regain himself. This man don't learn at all...Like the shit didn't do enough for him instead he chooses to press on with his random acts of stupidity…but I know it will reach to the point of meeting with the wrong person at the right time… Hehehe!!!