Friday, December 17, 2010

Mark Benschop sodomized while in prison-Wikileaks cable

"Oct 20, 2006 Embassy Georgetown 100 Young and Duke Streets Kingston, Georgetown, S...VRVB, CCDT' reference ID: 06GEORGETOWN3310 is the reference number and title of a leaked United States diplomatic cable which reported that Treason accused Mark Benschop was deliberately placed in a particular cell at the Georgetown Prison to be molested by a fellow prisoner who has a record of sodomising other inmates.The cable

The cable said it was suspicious that Benschop was taken from his cell to share cell with this molester who was utilizing a cell by himself for the last 12 years to avoid him sexually molesting other inmates.

The cable said Benschop’s family and friends were deeply concerned about this move by prison administrators but were reluctant to have the news go public and tried in a futile attempt to have him removed.

The cable also said Benschop refused medical treatment while in prison because he feared for his life.


  1. this is the reason why his wife left him she knew that she wont be able to satisfy him anymore and that he will be looking for something else.

  2. i wonder how mark never mention this since he like to be open with the public and like to blame the government for everything that is happening in this country.

  3. Well this is not a surprise to my ears since i have heard it before but now i believe it and this is the same reason why his wife left him........

  4. that's why he blames everything on the government and even want a racial war, because he was mustard by another man.