Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ministry of Health arsonist Colin Jones among several charged.

Colin Jones (lelft) and Randy Mars leaving court

Demerara waves: Several persons linked to the attempted arson of the Supreme Court Building, armed assault on the Brickdam Police Station and arson on the Supreme Court, and the killing and burial of two other suspected gang-members in a shallow grave were Thursday arraigned on charges ranging from murder, gun-possession, and harbouring suspects.

Colin Jones- the man who allegedly killed two of his accomplices whose purported aim was to attack the government- was charged with murder, possession of arms and ammunition, escape from lawful custody and planting marijuana. He was also jointly charged with Randy Mars and Jafar Simpson for arson of the Supreme Court building

While he was not required to plea to murdering Kurt Thierens and Adriana Tracey between November 10 and 26 at Kara Kara; he pleaded guilty to the other charges and he was sentenced to four years on each charge. The custodial sentence would run concurrently but he has to pay a fine of GUY$30,000 for planting marijuana and GUY$75,000 for having been in illegal possession of arms and ammunition.

Police accused Jones of being in possession of three AK-47 rifles and 198 rounds of ammunition between November 25 and 26 at Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Jones was also charged with discharging a loaded firearm at Leslie Cornette at Central Amelia’s Ward with intent to maim disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm.

Jones was additionally arraigned for escaping from lawful custody on July 27, 2009, having been charged and placed before the court for setting fire to a public building.

Deon Thomas of 924 Amelia’s Ward and Nicola Mc Quinn were pleaded innocent to harbouring Jones and the now deceased Kurt Thierens, knowing that they were wanted by police for fires and murders. Their case has been transferred to the Christianburg Magistrates’ Court where it would be heard again on December 14. Thomas and Mc Quinn were not represented by any lawyer.

Mars of 29 West La Penitence and Simpson who were jointly charged with discharging a loaded firearm at Police Constable Carl Marks with intent to maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm.

Mars and Simpson were also jointly charged with intent to murder Roopchand Gopaul and Shawn Embleton between November 3 and 4, 2009 at Loo Creek, Linden-Soesdyke Highway. The duo were also jointly charged with murdering Woodette Roberts. Their cases have been transferred to the Providence Magistrates’ Court for a December 6 hearing.

Jones, Mars and Simpson were also accused of discharging a loaded firearm at Clayton Westford, who is currently facing a charge for allegedly burning down the Ministry of Health in July 2009. Mars and Simpson were also accused of discharging a loaded firearm at the Brickdam Police Station on November 4, 2009 with intent to murder Rajendra Singh and Detective Constable Damintra Indarpaul with intent to murder.

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  1. These are nothing but idle men that have done a great number of wicked and unforgiving deeds in society... It makes one ponder if these men have a heart and “what” or “who” is/ are the root of all their engagements? For the actions in which they sequentially execute in total "no mercy" style is quite awing and mind boggling. In the mean time, Let justice be served!