Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Government to rebuild Buxton Tipperary Hall

President Jagdeo and Attorney General Charles Ramson among others, turning the sod for the new Tipperary Hall.

The sod has been turned for the construction of a new Tipperary Hall atBuxton Village, with one of the planners dismissing suggestions that the village was begging for government help.

Rollo Younge, a Buxtonian and member of the Tipperary Hall Restoration Committee, noted that every village’s fundamental right and not privilege to access state resources and it was not a case of Buxtonians being mendicants.

“I see it as an economic and social development that should have been addressed a long, long time ago,” Younge was quoted as saying.

Addressing the turning-of-the-sod ceremony, the President reiterated that it is part of his duty and not an act of benevolence to meet the needs of the people as the elected President of Guyana.

“I’m looking forward to Tipperary Hall becoming the place where this community can once again congregate, to a place where it can return to its former glory so that every one can benefit from this wonderful facility,” he added.

Authorities said that labour for the construction of the more than GUY$50 million facility on Buxton Middle Walk/Church of God Roadwould be drawn exclusively from Buxton.

An artist's impression of the new Tipperary Hall

An artist's impression of the new Tipperary Hall

The new facility would include a library, an office, classrooms for computer training, a lavatory block, an auditorium with stage, changing room and a bar.

The decision to rebuild Tipperary Hall dates back to August of this year when the President visited the village, making several promises to the community that was once the haven of heavily armed gangs.

President Jagdeo announced that he would be inviting the Leader of the main opposition Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) to the opening of the Hall when it is constructed.

“What I can promise you is that the leadership of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will be here for the opening and I will call Corbin and ask that the

leadership of the People’s National Congress come here also to the opening of this facility,” said Jagdeo.


  1. Well im glad that this project is been put in place to restore a landmark in this village and also that others are recognizing that this is not a begging but a economic development indeed which it give villagers a chance to enhance their read and computers skill etc.......

  2. Its good that the govt is restoring of the Tipperary hall in the village of Buxton and also to invite the opposition to the open when its completed....

  3. The govt continues to meet the need of the people of this country some of the bad talker say that it would have never happen but it clear that the govt has it people and the interest of this country at their heart and will continue to make the their lives comfortable

  4. I totally agree that this is a good thing for the Buxtonians. I'm glad to see that the lives of all Guyanese are being improved by the government. Makes me want to visit Guyana again so much.