Thursday, December 2, 2010


-Glen Lall, Freddie Kissoon supplied DEA officials with information on local businessmen

Lall on left and Kissoon on right

A very knowledgeable source in the international intelligence community has revealed that several Wikileaks cables on Guyana currently awaiting release contains information which suggests that the Alliance For Change in its initial forming stages was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Several documents detail communications between Raphael Trotman, Khemraj Ramjattan and several CIA officers posing as US State Department Officials in 2006. Meetings took place at the Pegasus Hotel as well as the Celina Atlantic Resort.

Also Kaieteur News owner Glen Lall and columnist Freddie Kissoon met on more than one occasions with officials of the US State Department and US Drug Enforcement Agency at the Celina Atlantic Resort where information was passed about the operations of several prominent businessmen, most of whom police issued wanted bulletins for recently in connection to a spate of murders.

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  1. Well is what story is this! Freddie and company along with AFC (Always Fulla' Corruption) forever looking to full their pockets at the expense of this entire country. They are what I would call some good Judas! Its such a down right shame what these people are buried in and not to mention the level of criticism they lash-out daily towards the progressive works of this Government... Hmmm… These people I tell you!!!